I’ve had a really bad cold since my birthday when I hiked Tiger Mountain.  5 weeks later, I’m still coughing.  A week ago, I noticed some pain at a specific point in my ribs, like a side-stitch when you run too hard.  Saturday, I went to the doctor for more cough suppressants.  And last night, I called the 24hr nurse hotline for more suggestions on how to stop coughing, because it was really, really hurting my side.  They recommended going back to the doctor the next day, which I did, but it was following ER discharge instructions.

I was lying down in bed trying to sleep and just ignore the urge to cough, but one cough caught me off guard.  I wasn’t able to sit up right in bed fast enough, and as I started coughing, I felt the pop in my side.  Not a very pleasant experience to say the least.

I had x-rays done at the ER and they showed a small fracture.  The doctor said that it isn’t unusual for people in really good health to have strong enough lungs and chest muscles to fracture a rib from coughing.  At least now I have some great drugs to help me deal with the urge to cough, and deal with the ache of a broken rib. 

I’m out of karate and other physical activity for the next 6 weeks.  ::sobs::  But a part of me is looking forward to being lazy and getting rid of this cold once and for all.