Yesterday on the Lake Sammamish River trial was just perfect. Perfect temps, perfect breeze, perfect descent of some bug into my mouth – my unexpected protein snack. Just as I started passing a slower rider, I felt the immediate obedience of my bike kick into acceleration. And, for the first time in 9 gray months, life was simply perfect.

Yesterday was my first ride in two years. Last year was the summer of the needy puppy. Yesterday I did 15 and today I did 25 miles. I love the “heat” out here in Seattle. I believe it broke 90 in Bellevue today, and it may even hit 100 in some parts around the sound. And I can only ride my bike in the warm temps. My torso gets really cold whenever I ride, so the hotter, the better.

I was in a motorcycle accident a couple of weeks before I moved out here (I was the passenger on the bike when we were rear-ended – ouch). I used part of the settlement to buy my custom-made bike. When you’re 5’1, nothing fits you without a lot of tweaking.