This tip is for both Everett and Whidbey.  I’ve seen a lot of presentations, and I’ve given a lot of presentations that involved writing code.  It’s distracting from the presentation to watch the presenter type 10-15 lines of code, make a typo, compile, fix the typo… you get the idea.  And it’s pretty frustrating for the presenter too.

While preparing for your presentation, drag whatever code snippets you will be using onto the Toolbox.  They will appear under the General tab.  When it comes time to add the code snippets to the presentation, just drag and drop for the Toolbox.  And, you’ll get major brownie points from your audience.

For keyboard access, place the cursor in the editor where you want to code to go, navigate to the toolbox (ctrl+alt+x), and press enter on the code snippet.

Happy Visual Studio’ing!