In Whidbey, we’ve split the Task List into two parts:

  1. Error List –for errors and warnings
  2. Task List –for user tasks and todo

With the task list, you’ll be able to track user tasks – just click on the “Create User Task” button on the toolbar and type in your task. This will feel very familiar to Outlook tasks.

You will also be able to track custom tasks that appear as comments in the code. You will need to switch from User Tasks to Comments in the drop down combo box. I didn’t think this was very discoverable when I first started using the Task List, but maybe it’s just me. I was thinking a “show all tasks” filter would be more desirable. Oh well.

Tasks that appear under the Comments section are those that are defined in Tools – Options – Task List. By default you’ll get HACK, TODO, and UNDONE. You can create custom tokens for custom tasks, like “CodeReviewNeeded” or “Investigate” (or using people’s names to assign them tasks in the code – perhaps for students).

Happy Visual Studio’ing!