(New Whidbey Feature).  You have a task in mind, but don’t know how to do it.  How Do I allows you to browse through topics to find the one related to your current task.

Let’s say I’m new to the Visual Basic .NET language and I need to learn how to declare an array.  I start off by clicking Help – How Do I.  (or if you are in the Document Explorer, just click the How Do I button on the toolbar – another new Whidbey feature).

Since I’m using the General Development Profile, the How Do I for General Development page comes up.  From here I click the How Do I in Visual Basic link.  On the next page, I find as the first link Learn the Visual Basic Language.  Obviously, I want to learn something about the Visual Basic language, so I click here.

I notice this page contains a collection of different programming tasks.  I do a search (Ctrl+F3) for “Array”.  And I find How to:  Create an Array of Objects topic.  Sweet.

Can’t find the topic you’re looking for?  Send us feedback!  You can either

  1. Send comments via the comments link at the bottom of the page
  2. Use the MSDN Product Feedback Center to suggest a topic

Happy Visual Studio’ing!