Bread Givers – from the back cover “Sara Smolinsky was the daughter…”  My maiden name is “Smolensky”, but close enough.

At my UMass internship many years ago, I meet this one student in the dorm who was really taken aback by my name.  She keeps asking me to repeat it.  Finally she runs back to her room and reappears with a book in her hands.  She gives me the book and says, “Did you know you’re a character in this book…”  Too bad she wasn’t still taking the class; otherwise, she would have had one hell of a show and tell on her hands =)

I still haven’t read the book.  Not sure why I can’t bring myself to do it.  Perhaps someone who works with me will read it and tell me if the author sounds like me.  Gretchen, you like literature… =)