Well, maybe you knew these existed, but I didn’t =)

Double-clicking the Move Control
On the left-hand side of the toolbars, there’s a resize / move control.  When there are two or more toolbars together on the same row, you can use this control to resize the toolbar.  You can also double-click the control to show the entire length of the toolbar.

Making Multiple Copies of the same button or menu
While you have Tools – Customize showing, you can do a Control+Drag to make multiple copies of the same toolbar control or menu item.

Resizing Edit Fields
While you have Tools – Customize showing, you can resize the edit controls on any toolbar.  First click on the toolbar to get the black box drawn around it.  Then, mouse over the left or right side of the box, and the mouse pointer turns into a resize pointer.

Happy Visual Studio’ing!