I’m getting ready to test for 1st kyu, again, for the third attempt (first two attempts failed due to injury).  Yep, the rib has healed, and I’m back to running 3 miles 2-3 times a week.  I started going back to karate last month, only attending once a week, and this past month has been twice a week, so I’m definitely taking it slow.  I feel really good about Wed’s night’s exam.  Warm weather is always a friend of mine.

I show up for one of the classes usually intended for lower rank this week, because I couldn’t stay for the later advanced class.  And the sempai (teacher) doesn’t show up.  So, I gave the prof the 10 minute rule, and started class.  It was the first time I had ever taught a class all by myself.  I focused on the beginning katas, pointing out things that separate a good kata from a great kata.  For example, I had them practice looking and then doing the next move, something you really have to get students used to doing as early as possible in their kata training.  Since it has been so warm out here (notice I say warm – in Mississippi right now, it is hot, so I dare only say it is warm out here), I did a lot of talking. 

Everyone said they enjoyed the class.  I’m sure it was a lot different than the regular class, just because it was someone different with a different view / interpretation on things.  What stressed me out was when the advanced class students and teachers started arriving and watching me teach class (these are folks who out rank me).  I kept looking at the teachers thinking, “When are they going to realize I’m not a black belt and take over for me?” but they never stepped in.  After the class was over, I explained why I was teaching class, and they said, “oh, we thought you were assigned to teach class tonight.”  I took it as a nice compliment.  I love teaching, but next time I want advance notice so I can put together a lesson plan =)