Update: 5:21pm – A miniature horse agency (sorry, don’t know which one) is going down there Saturday, Sept 3, and will rescue the horses, so it’s all good.  This is what my mom has told me all weekend.  The bradfords are our neighbors, but it’s been difficult for my family (now in Dallas) to get in contact with them.  I’ve asked that the next time my mom is able to make contact with them, to please relay the message that i have tons of people wanting to help and to confirm all of the horses are safe.

If anyone has a pointer to the CNN video of the interview w/ them, please send it to me.  Thanks! Somehow two different people found this blog and figured out I knew the Bradfords that were interviewed on CNN.  If anyone has found this interview on CNN.com, please send me a link to it, so I can post it here.  The Bradfords have been my neighbors as far back as I can remember.

If you’re interested in helping rescue the horses, send your contact info to saraf@microsoft.com and I’ll pass the info onto my parents the next time they call.  I have no clue what the current situation is down there or where the Bradfords are, but I’ll definitely get the message down to Waveland the next time they call.

Never did I think I would be rescuing miniature horses today…  The wonders of blogging never cease to amaze me.  =)