Another crazy day has past.  The awesome new of the day is that my family has evacuated the area and all are safe.  I nearly passed-out in the grocery store about 30 minutes after I talked to them and found out they were on their way to Dallas.  I just zoned out, couldn’t think anymore, just totally exhausted, having been relaying messages back to family, trying my best to keep posting info on this blog (am i really helping anyone by doing this?  Lord, i hope so.)  I have never been so exhausted and yet at the same time haven’t done any real serious physical activity in the past few day.

Now i’m just overwhelmed by what i’m seeing on TV about New Orleans.  Unbelieveable.  The mayor’s speech on the radio was the final straw that broke my heart in two.  Never did i ever imagine i would be seeing this or hearing this.  I informed my family in the van about what was happening, but i doubt they could truly appreciate what’s happening without visual aids.  Just saying "completely anarchy" doesn’t cut it, does it?

Anyways, a big thank you to G. J. Charlet III for posting and tagging photos of Katrina in Waveland and Bay St. Louis.  I’ll by you a drink if i ever get the chance.

Word on the street has it that we’re going to get some really sharp, up close and personal images of Waveland and Bay St. Louis and the effected Gulf Coast area in a few days on MSN Virtual Earth.

Please keep leaving comments about any things you know, because i’m sure others would love to hear any news that you have.