Posted with permission from sender…

Hey Sara,
     I am a Captain with Hancock County Emergency Services in West Virginia. Our
County Commissioners would like to assist Hancock County, Mississippi, but we
have been unable to contact anyone there with which to coordinate such an
effort. We even tried emails, contacts via governors, representatives, etc. as
well as through FEMA, other DHS contacts that we have and even the RACES radio
network, but all to no avail.
     If you could have someone of sufficient authority contact us via telephone
with a reliable way to get back in touch with them, we would appreciate it very
much. (304) 564 4068 is our County 911 NON-emergency number, they can take the
information and get it to our OES Director, myself, or the President of our
County Commission to then get back to them.
     Thank you, God bless, and good luck!