My parents and close family are back in Waveland trying to clean up.  I’m absolutely going home sometime in October.  I’m going out of my mind crazy not being down there to help.  I’ve asked my family to contact either the Fire Dept or Waveland Police Dept. about sending money down there.  Both departments have been completely destroyed to the point that they do not have any running vehicles.  As soon as i hear anything about a way to get money or supplies down there, i’ll post here and probably will setup a paypal account (if possible).  I’m just dying to do something to help.

They UPS’ed me 2 CDs (400 MB) of photos from the hurricane.  I took the most dramatic and uploaded them to flickr.  None of these contain "graphic" images, like lost of human life or that sort of thing, but they do contain storm surge photos and completely destroyed buildings.

If you are like me, you have been waiting anxiously to see photos of anything from Waveland, so I hope this takes the edge off a bit.  I did my best to explain the photos in the titles / filenames.  Some of the photos i had to completely guess where they were taken at, but all of the ones posted on FlickR i know for certain (even if it did take me a few seconds to figure it out).