There’s apparently some sort of lawsuit going on between the state of Mississippi and the insurance companies.  A claims adjuster came to my parents’ house yesterday and surveyed the damage.  He said that the insurance companies are requiring home owners to have both flood insurance and not just hurricane insurance.  Now, my parents’ house has never seen a flood in the past 50 years (beyond that I don’t think the house was built).  And here comes a hurricane and all of a sudden we’re now affected by a flood?   So, the state of Mississippi is claiming all of the houses were affected by “Wind-driven water.”  Sigh.  Please keep your fingers crossed for all the families in this area that they get their insurance money.

FEMA is also down there now, handing out MREs.  A local restaurant “Waveland Café”, near where the very, very old TGnY and Nationals used to be (I think it is called the Farmer’s Market now), is serving hot meals to everyone.

A Florida police department has donated 8 or 10 police cars to Waveland, with painted logos and such.

My parents are flying out to visit me on Thursday night for 4 nights.  We had made the plans a couple months back, and New Orleans International has opened and is allowing flights out.  Wow.  I have to remember to bring coats in the car for them, since they are used to that 90 degree Mississippi Summer weather.  

More info as I get it.  I’m expecting another CD of more photos on it, so stay tuned.