First of all, a huge thank you to the for providing the free wireless at the Waveland Cafe.  Also a huge thank you to the Waveland Cafe for feeding me, my family, and the entire town.

We just got in last night at 11pm.  Snow storms in Denver delayed us significantly.

I don’t have much time to blog right now, but it’s just crazy down here.  I have tons of pictures to upload tomorrow or the next day, whenever we come back here (which seems to be daily since they are the only place to get food).

Waveland is simply gone.  Buildings are just flattened like toothpicks.

Good news Microsofties!  The Waveland Cafe has a 5013c, which i’m going to setup the week with the giving campaign.  Non-MSFTs, you can donate to my paypal account.  The money is being directly transferred here.  In process for this week.

More info tomorrow as i’ll write-up an entry tonight after curfew.  I am so glad i brought my old license to prove i used to live here.  makes it easier to get around.