At bookstores and newsstands, you’ll find a Special Edition of National Geographic on Katrina.  On page 40 and 41, there’s a center-spread of downtown Waveland.  The longest pier thingy on the right of the center is the Waveland Memorial Pier (I can’t think of the official name right now).  To the left are Coleman Ave and the armed forces memorial.  My mom’s house missed being in the photograph by ¾ of an inch.

The image covers from Market St to Nicholson Ave, I believe.  Even though I just road my bike down beach blvd a couple of weeks ago, it is still difficult to navigate around the town in these conditions.

St. Clare Elementary is located left of the center on the beach.  It looks like a really large baseball field (a not-quite circle driveway).  The road to the left of it is Vacation Ave, in case you wanted to know where this photo was taken from.

I’m sending several copies of this special edition to Waveland City Hall on Monday.