Today’s tip comes from both Jim and Steve.

From Steve’s blog:

  • Hold the Ctrl button down to make DataTips transparent. [Pictures]

From Jim’s blog:

  • DataTip Keyboard Functionality
  • Use the [down] and [up] arrows to move through the items in the expanded tip.
  • Use [pgup] and [pgdn] to scroll a page at a time in tips that are scrollable
  • Use the [right] arrow to expand an expandable item into a new child tip.
  • Use the [left] arrow to close the current tip and go back a level.
  • Use [F2] to edit a value (uhoh, did you know about this feature?  Or is there another debugger tip looming?)
  • Use [ctrl] to make all the tips transparent (as Steve pointed out).

Happy Visual Studio’ing!