There’s been a lot of discussions about merging the two cities.  Funny, I always thought Waveland would make it because it had the Walmart (which has been opened when nothing else was).  The ball has been in Waveland’s court, until now.

Coincidentally, Ryan, the writer for the below article, was in my grade / class in elementary school.  Small towns. =)

Posted on Wed, Jan. 18, 2006

Waveland asks for meeting


WAVELAND - An historic meeting could be in the offing in Hancock County.

Waveland leaders want to meet with officials from neighboring Bay St. Louis sometime this month to discuss merging resources. It’s up to Bay St. Louis to RSVP.

Alderman voted tonight to meet with the Bay City Council on either Jan. 24 or 25 to discuss combing services, creating inter-local agreements and coordinating comprehensive plans for the two cities.