Last weekend, I caught whatever cold is going around, so Sunday afternoon I was out cold in bed.  I woke up when my mom called to tell me what’s going on in Waveland and such.  I barely remember the conversation, thanks to good ol’ Nyquil.  Anyways, I can’t go back to sleep, so I turn on TV.  CNN comes on with this segment “Save My Town:  The Fight for Bay St. Louis”  You really have to do a double-take when you just got off the phone with someone in that area to see the area on CNN.

The segment is really, really good if you are interested in
1. what does the area look like 6 months later
2. why is someone who has been paying hurricane, house, flood, etc insurance since Camille (’69) only getting 8,000 dollars back from their insurance company?  (ie what’s the difference between wind-damage versus water-damage)

In fact, CNN has a classroom activity just for these sorts of questions / discussions.  Am i in the Twilight Zone?
Did Kathleen Koch go to St. Joseph Academy / OLA or did she go to Bay High?