After the NBC Nightly News segment featured my parents, I watched The Daily Show religiously for 2 weeks afterwards, not because I’m not already an addict, but to hope and pray my parents / family wouldn’t appear in the background.  Then, last week, it nearly happened.  I think the Daily Show just wanted to pick on Anderson Cooper, so they showed the segment of him getting emotional while watching a family return to their Waveland beach-front property.  Honestly, the first time I saw the clip, I thought it was a little over-the-top.  But after I got down there, and I met someone who was seeing their property for the first time, I totally understood where Anderson Cooper was coming from.

Thank you Brian Williams, NBC Nightly News anchor, for not getting emotional while interviewing my parents about the hurricane, in order to avoid my family appearing on The Daily Show.  Wow, that’s a sentence I never thought I could ever say.

Tonight on Larry King Live, they interviewed Jon Stewart, who didn’t miss an opportunity to poke fun at Anderson Cooper “getting emotional”, who in return had a very good comeback (even if rehearsed).  Jon Stewart immediately did a 180 and changed to tone to “have those people received their trailers yet in St. Bernard Parish?”  (LA doesn’t have counties, they have parishes.)    Anderson Cooper said no, they were still in Arkansas.  At least they are still being civil to each other.  =)