Check out Korby’s Interview on CodePlex on Port25, a variation of a Channel 9-style website to hold discussions regarding Open Source and how it relates to Microsoft.  The transcript hasn’t been posted yet, so here’s a (rough) breakdown of the discussion timeline.

I’m sure Korby would love to see some comments….

Korby’s Interview

0:00 – What is a Product Manager

1:00 – What is CodePlex?

1:45 – What is your history at Microsoft?  – begins with Visual Source Safe

4:30 – History with blogging

6:15 – More on CodePlex

9:10 – CodePlex versus GotDotNet

12:00 – Where did the name CodePlex come from?

14:15 – CodePlex Architecture Overview (Begins describing TFS)

22:40 – What makes CodePlex not a web interface

26:10 – Wiki Functionality

28:00 – Homepages on CodePlex

30:00 – Projects on CodePlex

31:00 – Korby’s Favorite projects

33:44 – External (non-Microsoft) Projects on CodePlex

35:00 – Wrap up – CodePlex as a community resource

hint hint, you may see a power toy interview up there very, very soon…