It’s that time again… but notice this time it is “tip of the day.”  That’s right.  For Visual Studio 2008, I’m going to attempt to post a tip every day of the work week. Yeah, tip of the day doesn’t work on weekends. =)

The motivation behind tip of the day comes from when I was a SDET (tester) on the Visual Studio environment. I switched feature areas every 6 months (very unusual) for 4.5 years. And whenever I studied the new test bed, I learned so many new features I never knew existed before. Thus one day during the Visual Studio 2005 beta, I started posting these “new features” or tips about how the editor works, how features in the IDE work, and so forth. It was just my personal challenge to see how many consecutive work days I could keep posting a new tip (92 days). And now my personal challenge is how many tips and tricks can I collect for 2008.

Well, here’s to once more with feeling…

Happy Visual Studio’ing!