Docking targets are hands-down my all-time favorite feature that I tested back in my VS Environment days.  Oh, the fun I would have opening bugs like, "Tool Window client area resizes to a negative size after redocking to same location 100+ times."  Go model-based testing!!  (the bug was fixed, btw)

These screenshots are using Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2 running on Vista, so you’ll notice a new look for the docking targets.  When you drag a tool window over a docking target, you’ll get a blue preview, as you see below.

A crazy tool window tab group collection

But, let’s have a little fun…

I have no idea how this tool window tab group seen on the right could be useful, but maybe if it were resized to fit a secondary monitor…

Can you tell I enjoyed being a tester?

Lastly, if you need to reposition a tool window where a docking target is, but don’t want to actually dock, just hold down Ctrl as you drag the tool window around.

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