Obviously I’m not at work at 3am posting tip of the day (although i’ve had a nightmare that i forgot to write a tip and I broke my consecutive series).  I’m currently writing tips for a feature set very near and dear to my heart… Window Management… to go live months from now.  In doing so, these buttons caught my eye, and I remembered back in the Visual Studio 2005 development stage how I had no clue how to activate them, thinking it was a bug that they never become enabled. 

In ++Visual Studio 2005 we hide these buttons until you’ve done something to cause them to make sense to show.  What do you need to do to show these buttons?  (Note:  I’m talking about the Windows dialog found on the Window menu)


This pop quiz is just a little experiment to have some fun and to see what the response is.  The answer will be its own Tip of the Day, and I’m certain someone will know what the answer is.  So let’s just see what happens.