Pretty straight-forward, pressing Ctrl+G will pop up the Go to line dialog.

Go To Line Dialog

But, did you know there’s a way to do a "Ctrl+G" without bringing up this dialog box?

  1. Press Ctrl+D to go to the Ctrl+D window
  2. Type in the line number
  3. Press Ctrl+G (not enter; otherwise, you’ll search for the number!)

And now you’ve just navigated to the line without the dialog box coming up.

And just one more "did you know" about the Go to Line dialog…  you can double-click on the line, column, and character section of the status bar to pop up the dialog

Status bar Line, Column, Character

Argh, i can’t resist… final thing about the Go To Line dialog.  You can attempt to go to line 0, but we’ll take you to line 1.  =)

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