Update: thanks to Bill for catching that VB doesn’t show snippet shortcuts in the statement completion.  I’ve updated the VB picture below to better illustrate what is going on.  Also, check out Bill’s post, as he talks about using the ‘?’ to insert snippets. 

This is probably a much better tip than the previous two.  Code Snippets have the support to be given a "shortcut", usually an abbreviated version of the code snippet name that you can type into the editor and hit tab to insert.

To insert, simply type in the name of the snippet, e.g. "for", then hit tab.  Note that if statement completion is open, you’ll have to hit tab twice to insert the snippet.

In both Visual Studio 2005 and 2008, you will be able to see C# Code Snippet shortcuts in the Statement Completion window.  Below is the for snippet displayed within the Statement Completion window.  Note the snippet icon to the left.

For Snippet In StatementCompletion

In Visual Studio 2008, you won’t see VB snippets in the statement completion window, but you will see a note in the tooltip when you can hit tab twice to insert the corresponding snippet.

VB For keyword in statement completion

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