All code snippets are found in the Code Snippet Manager.  It is found at Tools – Code Snippet Manager.  If you are using the default general settings, you can use Ctrl+K, Ctrl+B to bring up the dialog box. 

IMO, the most useful aspect of this dialog is to browse through your current snippets to learn what the "shortcuts" are to quickly insert the snippet into the editor (yesterday’s tip).

Additionally, this is where you add (a directory of snippets) and import (a single or multiple-selected snippets to a specified folder via the Import Code Snippet Dialog).

Code Snippet Manager display the C# "for" snippet

I circled the Language combo box to mention that you should always check there to see what type of snippets you are browsing.  The Code Snippet Manager Language combo box is a MRU, meaning that the last set of snippets you looked at (let’s say XML) will come up the next time you bring up the dialog.  For me as a tester, it was critical that i always confirmed where i was at before using the dialog.  So maybe I don’t need to give out this warning, but old habits die hard, even after a couple of years.

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