In an earlier post about CodeMash, i mentioned that I got a fauxhawk, because it is a mohawk for women.  Apparently, the hair dresser back home was wrong (or i really misunderstood her).  David Beckham (soccer guy) popularized the fauxhawk, so it is definitely not a style just for woman. 

Although I don’t know what i’m wearing on the top of my head now, at least it comes from a soccer guy, instead of dare i say a football player.  And it’s cool to be referred to as "the woman with the mohawk."  Am i having a mid-life crisis at 29 years and 10 months old?

My bad Steven (or Steve, i didn’t grab your biz card).  He was the other person with an actual "fauxhawk" at CodeMash.

From now on i’m going to research a hair style before I get it!