Yep, we’re in the "did you know…" toolbars series.

Like yesterday’s tip focused on the grip control on the far left-end of a toolbar, today’s tip focuses on the chevron control located on the far right-end of a toolbar. 

Click on the chevron control to drop down the menu, and select Add or Remove Buttons.  You’ll be given a choice to either customize the buttons on the given tool window or to bring up the Tools – Customize dialog.  Select the current tool window to see a list of buttons to enable or disable.

Customize Toolbars

Sometimes, there’s no room to see all of the available buttons, even if they are showing, when two toolbars occupy the same line in the editor.  In that case, you’ll see these "available, showing," but "no room to display" buttons in the chevron control drop down menu.  Or just check out the below pictures to get what i’m trying to say.

Fallen-off Buttons available in the toolbar drop down menu

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