Today’s tip was co-authored with a tip of the day reader. 

The idea is you just want to press some keyboard shortcut, type in the filename that’s in the solution, and go directly to that file.  No solution explorer.  No open file dialog. 

Here we go…

  1. Press Ctrl+/ provided you are using the General Development Settings. (If not, follow my instructions on how to find the keyboard shortcuts).  This brings you the Ctrl+D window "command prompt." 
  2. Type File.OpenFile <filename> (you’ll notice support for auto-complete)

Since the "File.OpenFile" felt to me very long to type, you can do the following to create an alias:

  1. Bring up the command prompt – Ctrl+/
  2. Type alias fo File.OpenFile which will create an alias for the rest of time, unless you reset your aliases.
  3. Now you can do
    1. Ctrl+/
    2. fo <filename>

Tool windows and dialogs not required.