Yep, today is the Sara Birthday Edition v3.0.

Sara’s First Tip She Ever Learned

When i started on the Visual Studio team back in Sept 17th, 2001, the first feature my test lead ever gave me to test was the /safemode feature.  If you have 3rd party packages (meaning you’ve installed a VS Package that uses the VS SDK, formally known as VSIP), you can use this command line switch to have VS launch in "safemode" where all 3rd party packages are prevented from loading.  This is a great way to test whether there’s an issue with VS or it is with a 3rd party package.  a funny story here is I was also making the transition from linux to windows, so I had to ask someone what’s the DOS equivalent to "ls".


Sara’s Favorite Most-Obscure VS Tip Ever

In Visual Studio .NET 2002 (we tried 2003 and it didn’t work, but i swear i remember this in 2002, although i don’t have 2002 installed anywhere to confirm), in the Task List, if you had an error that was too long to be displayed in the given cell, if you put focus on that cell / row and press CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+T, it would display the tooltip showing the full error or file path.  Don’t ask, i have no idea =)  If it doesn’t work, then i must have had a dream about it alongside the screen reader dreams i was having at the time.

And Go Sara Go v3.0!!!