This is another one of those features i didn’t know about until someone showed me.  You can store shortcuts in your Task List, and can even use them as tasks to scratch off, if you want.  And just like user tasks, shortcuts are saved in your solution .suo file, so they won’t get checked into source control.

To create a Task List Shortcut, go to the desired location in your editor (can be any line of code or comment) and then go to Edit – Bookmarks – Add Task List Shortcut.

Add task list shortcut menu item

Now you’ll notice the "shortcut" glyph appear. 

Shortcut Editor Glyph

And now in the Task List, you’ll see a new category called "Shortcuts."

Shortcuts in the Task List

And as illustrated above, you can also rename these shortcuts by double-clicking on the description (or tabbing to the description field for keyboard users). 

Now here’s the question i have.  When would you use a bookmark and when would use a task list?  I’ve sent email asking around to those who designed these features, but i’m curious how you use Shortcuts.

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