Visual Studio comes with two commands for navigating among the various things in the task list:  View.NextTask and View.PreviousTask. 

As we’ve explored more than you ever wanted to know about the task list, you now know that the task list has several categories:  User Tasks, Comments, and Shortcuts.  These commands will only navigate among items of a given category, so you won’t jump from shortcuts to user tasks.

Task List Categories Drop down

Note that these commands are not bound to a keyboard shortcut by default in the General Development Settings, so you’ll need to bind them yourself (if using that profile).

View.NextTask command

  1. Go to Tools – Options – Environment – Keyboard, and in the Show Commands Containing edit box, type in the command View.NextTask
  2. Do a sanity check whether the settings you are using already have the command bound to a keyboard shortcut.  If it is, you’ll see it in Shortcut currently used by read-only edit box.
  3. If not, in the Press Keyboard Shortcut edit box, type in your preferred shortcut, and press Assign.  If you only want this command to work in the editor (and not anywhere else in VS, use the "text editor" scope under the "Use new shortcut in" drop down)

Rinse and repeat for View.PreviousTask.  For me, I used Ctrl+Alt+N, only because it wasn’t bound to anything in the General Development Settings.  For Previous, i highly recommend just adding the Shift key (these keys, shift, alt, ctrl, etc, are called something, and i cannot remember, argh) to whatever you come up with, since any backward navigation usually has "shift" in it. 

Status Bar Updates

Also, something else to note, since we had to test for it, is that the Visual Studio Status Bar will update with the name of the Comment when you use View.NextTask or View.PreviousTask. 

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