My most popular tip of all time is Guidelines.  It was one of my very first tips about Visual Studio.  You can read more about Guidelines and all of the comments (!!!) here on the original Guidelines post.

To enable Guidelines:

Warning: This requires modifying your registry, so use at your own risk.  Use only if you are comfortable modifying your registry. 

  1. Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\VisualStudio\9.0\Text Editor  
  2. Create a String (RG_SZ) key Guides
  3. The value is in the format of RBG(x,y,z) n1,…,n13  where x,y,z are the RGB values and n is the column number. You can have at most 13 guidelines.  For example, RBG(128,0,0) 5, 20 will put a two red lines at column positions 5 and 20, as illustrated below.

Guidelines shown in red at column 5 and 20

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