WOW!  Tip number 200.  There are no words, except for “what a difference a day makes.”

I’m so excited about today’s tip.  (not because that it is tip #200 – this was purely coincidental), but because I accidentally found it while browsing the commands in the Tools Options Environment Keyboard page that contained “Error.”

Go to Tools – Options – Environment – Keyboard and search for Errors.  You’ll notice that this odd “Errors” command will stare back at you. 

Errors command

I say this “odd” command because usually Visual Studio commands have the format of <word>.<word> (i forget the actual terminology we use to describe commands.)  This obviously caught my eye, so I contacted the developer for confirmation.

These commands toggle the Errors, Warnings, and Messages shown on the Error List, so you can bind them to keyboard shortcuts.

 Error List Window buttons

For example, you could bind the following commands to…




Now, instead of clicking the buttons, you can just use the keyboard shortcut. 

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