This is really a continuation from yesterday’s tip, but wanted to call it out as a separate tip.  I was kinda surprised to see it in the list of commands, but then again, one can never have too many keyboard shortcuts =)

Add Reference to Solution From Object Browser Keyboard Shortcut

As far as binding this to a keyboard shortcut, I’ll open it up to your suggestions, especially to the keyboard-for-everything users.

To write this tip, I bound it to my pseudo-random keyboard shortcut “Ctrl+Alt+Shift+T”  So as long as some object has selection (meaning it doesn’t have to have focus (blue highlight), but has at least inactive selection (light gray highlight)) in the Objects Pane (the left-most pane), you’ll get the following message box when you press the keyboard shortcut.

Add Reference Success

And if there’s nothing selected (meaning you probably have absolutely nothing in the object browser) and you press the keyboard shortcut, Visual Studio will just stare at you.

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