Update: after some email debates between the verbs “Savoir” and “Connaitre” (the French verb “to know”), i’ve updated this blog title with “Savoir”.  For those of you how studied French, you probably remember that Savoir is to know something whereas Connaitre is to know a person.  Yeah, there’s more to it, but that’s the gist.  Since i’m always thinking “did you know that…” the verb Savoir is more appropriate here for this entry.  Thanks to everyone for pointing this out. 

I studied french a lot in high school and college, even doing a couple of trips to France to study more.  But with already doing a double-majority in Computer Science and Math, I just couldn’t bring myself to take the remaining classes needed for the full degree (ended with a minor).  The only time in my professional career i’ve ever spoken French was as a popcorn vendor at Walt Disney World.  Still have my little translator badge.

I’m really excited to see the tip of the day translated into French.  Thanks to everyone at Microsoft for the support in having my content translated. Special thanks to Fabien who is running the “Toutes les astuces pour mieux utiliser Visual Studio” blog!  And it looks like the screen shots are also being updated.  Awesome.

I cannot wait to see how some of much writings get translated.  Can’t wait to learn new phrases =)