In an earlier tip, I discussed how you can navigate forward and backward with the Alt+Minus and Shift+Alt+Minus keyboard shortcuts, which are scoped specifically to the Object Browser.  But there are two other commands View.Forward and View.Backward that will also work in the Object Browser just like Alt+Minus and Shift+Alt+Minus.

View.Forward and View.Backward are “global” meaning that other features within the IDE can use them.  For example, Class View uses them in the same way as the object browser.  But you’re probably most familiar with these commands as “Web Browser Forward” and “Web Browser Backward”

In the General Default Settings, View.Backward is bound to Alt+Right Arrow and View.Backward is bound to Alt+Left Arrow.  Your mileage may vary depending on profile.

If you are used to using these commands elsewhere in the shell, you’ll feel right at home in the Object Browser.

Object Browser View Backward

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