Today, Charlie is doing the Visual Studio 2008 IDE Tips and Tricks talk at TechEd, hence why Import Export Settings is today’s tip.  I’m doing the repeat talk on Friday, so wish us both good luck!

The Tools – Import / Export Settings feature will always be near and dear to my heart.  It’s one of my top favorite features, because it was my first feature that I tested from Specification Phase to Beta Release. The codename for the feature back in the 2005 development days was “Profiles.”  If I slip over the next series of tips and refer to it as a “profile,” just think VS Settings file or Tools – Import / Export Settings.

Import Export Settings Wizard banner

The most popular question I see about VS settings is how to reset the environment setting or how to pick something else.  Starting in 2005, VS prompts you on first launch to pick your development settings.  If you need to reset back to what you picked or want to pick something new, go to Tools – Import / Export Settings to launch the Wizard, and pick Reset all settings.


The next page is whether you want to save your current settings.  If this is your first time using this dialog and/or you want to experiment with this feature, definitely save your settings.  The default is to save your settings, so go with the default if your unsure.

The following page is much more interesting.  You may notice this list looks familiar.  It should, because this is the same list from that “first launch” dialog that prompts you to pick your preferred environment settings. 


Choose your IDE adventure by clicking Finished.  We’ll let you know whether there were any issues with resetting your settings, but this should rarely occur.

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