This cracked me up this morning.

My personal favorites (because i’ve been known to do this) are

  • She stops blogging in front of the TV and talks to you.
  • The first time you used the Command Prompt in front of her, she screamed in excitement.
  • She devotes an entire blog entry to you
  • She invites you to a romantic night at her place that involves popcorn and Tron.
  • She leaves you a love post – its written entirely in Visual Basic.

I better stop here.  =D

A few more i would add are

  • She offers to play the “i don’t know how computers work” part at the computer store when buying your next computer
  • She tells you the next time she sees you, “When i was debugging that array out of bounds exception due to my off-by-one error in that for loop, I decided to pause for a second to think about how much fun i have being with you.”  (there’s a larger joke behind this one that involves air force fighter pilots, don’t ask)