Back in late April, before I started on the book, before I started on the TechEd breakout session, and way before I even thought to start on the OSCON talk (in other words, before I realized I would not be sleeping this summer) I wanted to do something special for the 3 year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Yes, this was clearly before I decided to break a world record for book writing.

Thanks to the help of many MVPs and user groups leaders, I have the following speaking tour planned. I’m flying into Nashville, then driving south to the coast, trying to speak to as many local user groups as possible.

I’ll speak on what I know:

  • Visual Studio Tips and Tricks
  • CodePlex

I’ll update with details as they come in over the next few days. Or email me.

Aug 22 – 23

devLINK Technical Conference, Murfreesboro, TN

Aug 25

Montgomery Area .NET Developer Group

User Groups in the Birmingham Area

Aug 26

Hub City .NET User Group, Hattiesburg, MS

Aug 27

Lower Alabama .Net User Group, Mobile, LA

Aug 28

Perficient User Group in New Orleans

Arcadiana Users Group in Lafayette