In May 2007, when Rob Caron and I put together the game plan for Tip of the Day, I agreed I would do the series for a year, ending with tip #300. All good things must come to an end. In the past couple of months, a “rumor” started going around within Microsoft that I had planned to stop the series. I laugh at the “rumor” because it was true. A long story short, I recently made an agreement with the messenger from the powers that be that I would keep going. I don’t know exactly how far up the management chain the command “keep sara going” came from. One of these days I’ll have to find out who issued the request.

I don’t want Tip of the Day to “jumped the shark” (an expression when a TV sitcom produces an episode that clearly indicates the series should end) or more recently for those who have seen the last Indiana Jones movie “Nuking the Fridge.” When I feel I have no more generic IDE tips to share, I’ll end the series and do something creative with the existing content. I still have two other feature areas after generic IDE debugging tips to cover, even if I didn’t personally test every in and out. When I’m finished with those feature areas, my story about Visual Studio will be complete.

And since it is tip #300, I refuse to make any references to the 300 movie.

and now for today’s tip, Same Tip of the Day Time, Same Tip of the Day RSS feed…

Yesterday’s tip discussed how to load symbols via the Modules window. There’s another way to load symbols via Tools – Options.

Go to Tools – Options – Debugging – Symbols page. Then press the New Folder button to represent where VS should look for symbols. If you followed yesterday’s tip, you’ll see this folder represented here.

Add symbol file locations

Now for today’s tip, if you don’t want all the symbols to load immediately, in case you need to do some other action, here’s how to delay.

At the bottom of this tools options page, there are there’s a checkbox Load symbols using the updated settings when this dialog is closed. To delay loading the symbols, uncheck this checkbox before pressing the OK button.


When you are ready to load symbols, go to the Modules window or check the checkbox.

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