Sara Aside: Matt and I were IM’ing each other this morning, and he congratulated me for the book being sent to printing yesterday. He asked me if I planned to sleep with it like a stuff animal. I said of course I was going to..

One of the hardest things about working at Microsoft is to see the cool applications people develop never get released. Of course, it’s a night and day difference now compared to several years ago. But still, it is frustrating to hear customers ask for functionality, a feature, or a tool, and you know the answer is sitting in a source control repository somewhere behind the corpnet firewall. Hey, I’m speaking to you whoever you were at ReMix who asked me about editing a snippet file.

Matt’s a very sharp, talented developer. Go try it out, send him feedback, (rate it! – my shameless plug for my feature), and show some love. I know he’ll appreciate the feedback and will do whatever to make this tool a successful open source project.

Snippet Editor - hosted in the IDE which lets you edit the code, make replacements and change snippet properties:

Snippet Designer in IDE

And a Snippet Explorer - which lets you search for Snippet files on your computer an quickly open and edit them. The built-in Code Snippet Manager only organizes your snippets on disk and shows you their metadata as read-only. The overall Snippet Designer tool goes one step further and actually allows you to edit your snippets, create them on the fly, and so forth.

Snippet Explorer in IDE

You can read more on Matt’s blog at

Sara Aside: No, I really do not plan to sleep with the book. I’ll just end up drooling it or kicking it.