This tip originates from the MSBuild team as a way to edit your MSBuild project file within the IDE to customize your build. But if you have any reason for editing your project file (including a C++ project), and don’t want to go to Notepad, this tip is for you.

1. On the Solution Explorer context menu, select Unload Project. This will put the project into an unavailable state.

Upload Project in Solution Explorer context menu

2. Right-click the unavailable project, and select Edit ConsoleApplication1.csproj

Edit <project name> command in context menu

3. Now you can make whatever customizations in the file

ConsoleApplication1.csproj file open in xml editor

4. When you’re finished, simply bring up the Solution Explorer context menu for the project, and select Reload project.

Reload Project option in context menu

5. And select Yes, that you want to close the already opened .csproj. (because you want to reopen it not in an editor). If you say No, VS just looks at you.

Message prompt whether to reopen solution

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