Wow, was i tired at the beginning or what? I was in the middle of my southern speaking tour, driving all around the south at all hours of the day and night. I called Keith at 3pm telling him my ETA and to get a pot of coffee going. The caffeine kicked in around the 17 minute mark. If i had know this podcast was going to have such a southern accent to it, i would have just let mine go.

Here’s a time breakdown:

  • First 5 minutes – Cheap shot at Jim Holmes
  • First 10 minutes – Talking about book and Visual Studio Tips
  • 13:56 – Mississippi State Cowbells
  • 17:00 – BillG, Visual Studio, and Cowbells
  • 16:35 – CodePlex
  • 21:00 – Working in a room with 17 people
  • 30:00 – How I’m finally figuring out agile

Kick it:

Kinda funny that Keith thinks i’m a nut. If you’ve ever met Keith, you’ll think it’s a southern thing.

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Thanks ya’ll.