This sample has been around for ages, at least since Visual Studio .NET 2003 era. According to the blogosphere, the sample floating around out there came from a SDET Lance (who I knew back in the day). The one below came from Sean on the VS Editor team. Regardless, I think the easiest thing to say is the following sample comes from the Visual Studio Environment Team.

The macro below will list out all of your current keybindings in the Output Window.

If you’ve never run a macro before, it’s easy. Just go to Tools – Macros – Marcos IDE to open the Macros IDE. Then in the Project Explorer (the equivalent of the Solution Explorer for macros) open MyMacros-Module1. Cut and paste everything below into the Module1 file. Lastly, put your cursor anywhere within the ListCommands() method and hit F5.

The macro is in the attached file, found at the bottom of this post.

When the macro completes, you’ll see in the Visual Studio IDE (the main VS shell) in the Output Window the full list of keyboard shortcuts.

Output Window Listing commands

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