Over on the CodePlex Team Blog, I announced the Open Source Club on CodePlex. An except from the post:

The Open Source Club (OSC) is a group of volunteers who contribute what they can to the specified open source project each month. If you’ve ever wanted to contribute to an open source project, but didn’t know where to start or didn’t have much time, this is your chance.

Even if you just spend 20 minutes just writing up a bug report, a “how-to” user guide, or a blog entry about the tool, it counts! It’s about making the most of the time you have right now to contribute.

The project of the month is Rawr. I suggested Rawr to the OSC leadership team because I know the project owner well, knew he would be open to the idea of volunteering as our first project (we have no idea where this is going to go or what would happen), and it’s a tool for WoW, which in its own right is cool.

If you have a project suggestion, please let me know. And of course, I’d love to hear feedback about the Open Source Club on CodePlex.