Am I really doing this to myself again? Well yes, kinda.

One thing I learned from the Visual Studio Tip of the Day is that you can get a lot of great feedback if you scope a blog post to a single piece of functionality. I want to get this level of feedback for CodePlex, because I want CodePlex to have the best user experience.

Where I can, I’ll include “sneak peeks” into future designs, where we’re thinking of modifying the UI for that given tip or scenario. Given our 3 week deployment cycles, I’m in a better position to respond to feedback in a timely manner. And it helps now that I actually get agile! =D

Just to set expectations now – this isn’t a “tip of the day” series. I’ll probably run out of tips in a few months, like after 90 consecutive weekdays (compared to 382 days in VS Tips land). But I’ll write tips as I find them or as we release new features.

The game plan is to start off with tips for Project Owners, and later focus on tips for anonymous users and code downloaders as I build up a CodePlex Tips readership.

Here’s to once more with feeling!