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August, 2009

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    It’s official: A koala is not a koala “bear”

    According to the incredibly awesome Catherine Eibner , I’m going to TechEd Australia!! And I found this out on the same day that I donated the last of my advance on my book royalties, bringing the Save Waveland Scholarship Fund to $29,008.34 cents...
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    How to trick Visual Studio to not show line numbers for blank lines?

    Going through my folder of my blog “contact me” emails, I came across this question. I like tricking Visual Studio into doing things, so I thought I’d share. Is there a way to display only line number of coded lines, i.e. don’t number blank lines? Numbered...
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    DevLink 2009

    Another year, another DevLink . Highlights Tweets about me moving the ship from Jim Holmes and Leon. I am here to do epic battle with Microsoft, so their tweets me the world to me. Telling my Uncle Jimmy stories one night at the bar. I so have to go into...
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