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February, 2010

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    Happy Lombardi Gras!!

    “It’s like waiting 43 years for someone to tell you ‘I love you’ back.” – Superbowl Pregame Show. What a week. I flew down Saturday morning to join family in the French Quarter. A cousin booked a hotel room with a balcony on Bourbon Street for Superbowl...
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    CodePlex banner does Who Dat Chant at Greater New Orleans .NET User Group

    On Wednesday night, I spoke at the Greater New Orleans .NET User Group . Thanks to George Mauer for organizing and to our sponsor Antares Technology Solutions for organizing dinner. I was very happy with the turnout, considering...
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    Who Dat Nation Invades Microsoft’s Channel 9

    I’m sitting here in the Memphis airport at the terminal gate for New Orleans. Having gone 17 weeks without seeing a single Saints fan, you’d think each person wearing a Fleur de Lis football jersey was a long lost family member of mine, as I run up to...
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    How Agile Works – My Program Manager Cheat Sheet

    While cleaning out my office in preparation for my big move to California, I ran across my Agile Program Manager “cheat sheet.” I had to laugh because as I reviewed the document, i thought to myself “This makes so much sense. How did i never get this...
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    Saying Farewell to CodePlex

    In January 2006, nearly 4 years ago to the day, I created my first account on CodePlex, when the site was still in internal-only alpha preview. A the time, I was the Program Manager for the Visual Studio Power Toys, where my team created the 5 th , 6...
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