I got my vibrams about a month ago, and have slowly been trying to break my feet in.

I can now drive in them and wear them almost 3/4 of a day. I haven’t tried running yet, although i did try a small baby hike (slight elevation, 1.5 miles roundtrip at most). Result wasn’t good. Really bad blister on my right foot. But my other foot was okay. It was a serious workout for my ankles and calves, which was exactly what I wanted.

Do I like them?

Absolutely! I was looking for way to increase the strength in my calves and ankles, and this definitely seems to be working.

What to expect if you buy a pair

The first thing of course is TAKE IT SLOW. You will have sore muscles in crazy places, like on the very top of your feet, or in your toes. I would start off just wearing them around then house or office, then after a week, try to walk around the block. It will take that long for your feet to adjust. Driving will be a new experience, so make sure you don’t go farther than a quick few minute drive.

You’ll also have to retrain yourself how to walk down stairs. Be aware of this.

And just in case of an emergency (like a car in a parking lot is about to run you over), you will want to practice running a few yards. The first time i had to run in them out of necessity was going to the grocery store. I had to get out of the way of a car, and trying to run in them was pathetic. I thought about how little babies try to run when they first start walking, and it was a display very close to that. Now I can safely and comfortably run across a street if needed, since i’ve practice a little more since then (and hopefully have built up more muscles).


Do not buy pink! Many people think I’m barefooted (being stopped at a restaurant for not having shoes) or think I have a horrible sunburn. It makes for very awkward initial conversations. I really wanted black, but pink was my only option at the time.

Make sure you start with socks! I think regardless i was going to get a blister on my right foot, but socks would have helped.

I need help with

Figuring out sizing. Yeah, I know, welcome to the club. I am either a W37 or W38. The W38, even with socks, is a little loose in the heel, and a comfortable amount of room in the toes. The REI Flagship store in Seattle said you want your heel secure. I tried on the W37 and thought they might be a little tight, but I wasn’t sure what i was/am doing yet. I’m wondering if getting a smaller pair would help with blisters, but i wanted to hear what others thought.

Dealing with blisters. I have one right on the ball of my right foot. Most people on the forums are complaining about blisters on the right and left sides or toes, but there’s not much info on center of foot. Again, I’m back to just the basics, wearing them around all day in socks, and absolutely no running in them until I can walk without any issues.